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Buying new Networking products, whether online or in-store takes a lot of research, finding the right product, at the right price, from the best retailer and one that delivers the best features and from a reputable brand. We have 192 products in the Networking category, ranging from just £2.98 right up to £339.99. This review is designed to help you find that perfect product before you part with your hard earned cash. If you’re in a hurry then the review scores above will give you a quick overview of the product’s performance vs similar products.

TP-Link Networking

With 50 TP-Link products and a total of 192 available in the Networking category, there’s a huge amount of choice for those looking to buy their Networking online. The trick is finding the best product for the money. You’re here because you’re interested in TP-LINK Touch P5 Wireless Cable & Fibre Router reviews, which suggests you’re looking for Networking products in the region of £109.97 (the price we found TP-LINK Touch P5 Wireless Cable & Fibre Router at from Currys on our recent search). Our review scores above have been developed using a range of data sources, from customer reviews, price comparisons and expert reviews, all collated in order to give you a good as possible indication on whether is right for you.

  • Top features:- Fast speeds of up to 1300 Mbps for lag-free streaming- A touchscreen makes it easy to manage router settings- Keep your connection secure- Get superior coverage with three antennasFast speeds of up to 1300 MbpsWith a fantastic speed of AC 1900, the TP-Link Touch P5 Wireless RouterWireless Router allows you to stream 4K HD video and game online to your heart’s content without lag. What’s more, because the connection is split over two different bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) some members of the family can surf the web and complete their online shopping, and others can simultaneously game or stream high quality movies on the other band.Manage settings by touchscreenUnlike many other WiFi routers, the TP-Link Touch P5 has a really easy to use touchscreen display, meaning it is incredibly easy to set up and control your network settings. Plus, when you aren’t changing the settings, you can turn the screen into a handy and attractive digital clock.Keep your connection secureIn addition, this TP-LINK Wireless Router allows you to choose the security settings that are right for you. On the touchscreen, you can set up reliable policies that that will keep you and the ones you love safe online. Access policies can be fine-tuned and customized for what you need them for, whilst ensuring that everyone in the house can have the connection that is right for them.Three antennas for superior coverageEach with a high powered amplifier, the three antennas that come with this router will maximise your pre-existing WiFi range, to reduce or eliminate areas in your house that perhaps couldn’t connect to your router before.Enjoy the exquisite aesthetics of the sensitive, powerful and user-friendly TP-Link Touch P5 Wireless Router.
  • EAN: 6935364092306
  • Product ID 1: 3444594005
  • Product ID 2: 10136366

TP-LINK Touch P5 Wireless Cable & Fibre Router Quality Score – 93%

With a quality score of 9.3, TP-LINK Touch P5 Wireless Cable & Fibre Router features as one of the highest ranking products in the Networking category. This score is reached from a combination of product testing, customer reviews, expert reviews, brand reputation and 3rd party product tests. A score above 8.5 would be considered good for Networking products.

TP-LINK Touch P5 Wireless Cable & Fibre Router Price

With prices varying from £2.98 to £339.99, you can imagine there’s a pretty huge variance in the products available in this sector. So finding the right one is going to be about much more than price. But that said, it’s important to find the best price too. Our price scanner searches hundreds of the major retailers in order to find you the best deal. To find the latest price just click on the “see all reviews” button, where you’ll be able to read a range of customer reviews and check for the best deal. Our latest price check found TP-LINK Touch P5 Wireless Cable & Fibre Router cheapest from Currys at £109.97.

TP-LINK Touch P5 Wireless Cable & Fibre Router scored 96% in our price rank check, which puts it right up there in the top few products in the Networking category.

TP-LINK Touch P5 Wireless Cable & Fibre Router Reviews

Taking a combination of customer reviews from the leading retailers, such as Currys, Amazon and eBuyer, the review score is built to give you an accurate impression of how good the TP-LINK Touch P5 Wireless Cable & Fibre Router is from real genuine owners. The average score for similar products is 8.2, so the 9.4 overall score for TP-LINK Touch P5 Wireless Cable & Fibre Router puts it above the rest and a real contender. Our verdict based on price, quality and the overall score suggests that the TP-LINK Touch P5 Wireless Cable & Fibre Router is a real winner.

Do you already own TP-LINK Touch P5 Wireless Cable & Fibre Router or have you tried it? We’re always looking for real customer feedback to further enhance our reviews. If you’ve bought it and have any feedback, terrible or outstanding, we want to know. Just simply add a comment below with as much detail as you can provide, including when you bought it, where from, approximate price paid and any feedback that you think would help future customers to make their decision.

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If you’re ready to buy then your next step is to click to “see all reviews” button, where you’ll be directed to one of our 100+ retailers to read more reviews and buy online. Our system will automatically run a price check daily to ensure we’re sending you to the best value shop for the TP-LINK Touch P5 Wireless Cable & Fibre Router. That said, we only work with well trusted and reputable retailers, and strongly recommend that you do too. Buy from a retailer that gives you confidence that you’ll be looked after, for example many of our Networking products tend to show Currys as the preferred retailer due to their great service and low prices.

When comparing prices it’s also worth factoring in delivery costs too. This can be found when you reach our partner site, but is well worth bearing in mind when making you decision.

Other products from TP-Link

TP-Link have over 50 products available in the Networking category alone. Being one of the most recognised brands in the industry you can be confident that you’re getting a great product that you can rely on to deliver time and time again. At £109.97 delivers well beyond its price, probably even to the level of those twice its price.

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TP-LINK Touch P5 Wireless Cable & Fibre Router

Rating: 9.4 out of 10